About Us

Our History

Clipping Path place has a long and enriched history. Once some highly energetic workforce made up their mind to provide the best photo editing services. The idea is to provide flawless image editing services with the seamless integration of the latest tools and technology. A combination of tech-savvy people and expert designers built clipping path places is a great place for editing houses.

It’s been several years of clipping path place in the competitive image editing industries. It takes time to gain goodwill by keeping a commitment and on-time deliveries of numerous projects.

It’s always tough to maintain international clients comes from a different region of the country. It will not be possible without standard image editing quality and creativity.

Clipping path place is professional photo editing services provider gives you photo retouching, background removal, image enhancement other related photo processing service. We ensure the quality of edited images to meet all kinds of requirements.

 Our Mission

To provide sound experience in image editing service industries at a reasonable price with our creative designers. 

Our Vision

To set up a professional image editing service to provide a crystal clear image on our client website


Clipping Path place ensures you excellent quality work while not destroying authenticity. Many a company just edits the image but it may seem to be an edited image.

We make a huge difference in this section of editing. Despite being edited images you will not be able to find out any silly edges of your valuable images. Because your image preserves its original appeal.


In this is a beautiful world nothing is free. Quality is our first preference but profit is its logical sequence. So we always are conscious of every single image.

We always try to give you a quality photo at a reasonable price. We aim to make ensure that you get every image done beautifully edited.  Since every image becomes memory someday.

Having said that, we will never feel you unhappy by any means of quality and price. You will happy to pay for us. Confidently we are providing this kind of editing service over the years.

 Application of Modern Technology

Our office is equipped with all kinds of latest and up to date technologies. With the skills of customer support and designers, we are habituated with all updated technologies. All the modernized software is used for the customer support team and also the designer’s department.

In our Human resource department, we have long planned comprehensive training in both the customer care and editing department. Collaborating both teams we find a possible solution for every raised problem.

Apart from that, we have issues and resolutions department their task is to find any sorts of problems and immediately solve the possible solutions for that. 

Therefore, whenever we face any sorts of problems like free trail quality issues, proper guidelines, and instructions we resolve it instantly. Besides, when you have to get done images there could be upload and when you send images there could download issues from the server. When we see there is a problematic matter our IT Department takes proper action to clear the problems at once.

Clients’ fulfillment

The client’s happiness is our ultimate goal. Till now every client is happily dealt with. Your happiness is our happiness. We value all our customers and we are aware that without them we would not thrive in this competitive image editing industry.

You will be happy to know that a major of our work is based on referrals. It means loads of image editing work comes from the reference of other clients. This is the reason why when working for new clients it seems they are our very own clients. Their happiness and brightening smile after receiving images is our asset. 

Clipping path place is your Standby image editing partner. Once you contact our editing house. We will communicate with you and convey your wants and needs.  Our team of experts works tirelessly to make ensure that you take delivery of your photos before the deadline.

Simply send us hi! You can also send a simple mail. Send us a trail Image with proper instruction if possible send before-after images so that we may work following done images.


 Following instructions

When you ask for our services we initially ask you for the changes that you would like to make to your photo. Then we go in advance as per your said suggestion properly.

After that, we make sure that the entire course of image editing processing. As we have thumps up experience to deal with so many clients. You don’t need to worry about Instructions.

Moreover, experience is the key to satisfy clients. Having lots of experience in the editing sector our expert designer employees are experienced in this sector, as they used to work with many photography agencies. So our designers easily can catch up with your instruction and sometimes they perform beyond client expectation.


Never worry about your images since your valuable images are in safe hand is the image. We will share your images with anyone else in the world. This our company’s policy to keep the privacy of every aspect of images.

We will never let it not be leaked.  Once you give your image to us for editing. Our in house experts are reliable and whatever the nature of your photos, they are safe and sound with us. So, no worries about that.

 Quick Communication

Clipping Path Place never sleeps. Our customer care Department has three shifts for all the communication and operational task. We make sure that we preserve instant communication with our clients. You can contact us with any inquiries about your photos and you will be served properly on time. We have an open line of communication where if you converse 24/7. We are awake for you only.

Our Service

Many consumers want to see your product photos on their web site, so design your product image and generate more revenue for a lifetime.

Photoshop service provider

We believe in serving our client and serving the globe. Quick, high-quality, professionally edited Photo at affordable Cost, plus a commitment to creating the world a best place — that’s what makes us Clipping Path Place.

Clipping Path Editing provide high quality photo editing services with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Our support team are available on 24/7 day online to make sure our valuable client’s instant support. 

Clipping Path Place is very specialist on timely delivery service. We have the capacity to do any volume of the image within a very short time.

Clipping Path Place offers you the Best prices that you desire. We assure, you will get the most competitive price at economic rate which you need.