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In photography, photo editing, and graphics design, a background is part of the image that is out of focus. A background is also part of the image that does not contain the required details of the image/photo. A background can also be described as part of the image/photo that is transparent or translucent in most cases.

Background removal is therefore the photo editing or image manipulation process of isolating the subject in a given photo from its background. It can also be viewed as the process making the main subject of the photo stand out alone from the rest of the parts of the same image/photo.
Background removing service are required when we want to shift our focus to only the subject of the photo, or use the subject alone in other subsequent photo editing or graphic design activities which may include making of composites for advertisement, making flyers ,making banners or covers for various documents such as eBooks and newsletters and also independently it can be used to make photos more appealing by getting rid of distractions captured intentionally or those that were unavoidable during the photo shoot.

However, it is not a complete process in itself and requires other photo editing procedures to compliment it and make the target subject appealing. 

Cut out background complimentary services include the following:

  •  Image masking service and image layer masking service
  •  Photo color correction service; balancing the colors in the image and give priority to specific colors
  • Image clipping path services; making a closed line vector selection around a subject in a photo
  • Advanced image retouch services; making photos more attractive by different aspects
  • Image edge refinement services; making advanced selections around the subject in areas containing hairs or fur
  •  Advanced subject selection services
  • Image cropping services

As seen, image background can be simple or complex depending on the scoop of the photo shooting process and environment. The most common image backgrounds to cut out are portraits; those with a clear focus and a blurred background. An example of complex backgrounds to cut out is photos of nature with even focus, where the target subject has no unique distinction from the other parts of the image.


Photoshop background-removal

Image background removal can either be complex or just simple. Different methodologies are used to cut out background from photos and Adobe Photoshop.
The different categories of background removal or deep etching service are as follows

Basic background removal

This category involves removing background from objects with solid shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles. The objects have usually less or equal to 6 anchor points. The objects should not contain any holes or areas of deep penetration.

Simple background removal

This category involves the deep etching of objects with a simple background with may include a solid color. The backgrounds are very easy to scrap off. The anchor points are relatively few and the path is not too curvy, hence making it a bit easier to complete the process. Examples are shoes and apparel photos.

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Medium background removal

This category is not straight forward. The background cannot be removed such directly, but is also not too complex. The objects contain fairly many holes and anchor points. The transparency is also mid-level and can be easily differentiated from the other parts of the image. An example of this category is photos of groups of objects such as watches.

Photoshop background-removal

Complex background removal

This involves objects with embedded transparency. The selection around the subjects contains multiple paths and complex edges hence require a deeper skill. Examples include photos of furniture and jewelry.

Super complex background removal

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This category requires advanced cut out background skills. It involves more complex clipping path service to cut out the background; the subject may be blended with the background. An example includes head shots with spread out hairs.

Ghost mannequin effect background removal

This special category involves removing unwanted parts of the subject to make it standout. It is common with outfits and is also called invisible mannequin.

Removal of unwanted objects

This category is concerned with removing objects which are not required in the photo. The removed objects are replaced with contents of adjacent pixels. Background removing service at Clipping Path Place

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