What is clipping path service?

Clipping path service may be a well-known image editing technique for eCommerce business owners. By using this system very easily we will enhance change the tiny portion of any image, change the color, background, shape, logo, shadow, and almost everything during a single image

Clipping path service, or also known as deep etch, is a photo editing technique that entails making a path around the subject(s) or object(s) of particular interest in a photo, to separate them from the background or unwanted part(s) of the same photo.

We can also describe clipping path/deep etch as a closed vector line, in 2D graphics/images, that usually cuts out the subject of interest from the other parts of the image. It is used to select the intended subjects in an image for manipulation purposes, to make desired outcome of the photo. 

It has a start point or point of origin, usually, the first point where the dot to start the selection is made and an end point, which naturally makes the complete perimeter of the subject selected. Between the start and end point, are several other points that can presume any shape, any size, and unlimited number of corners or precision dots.

Photoshop background-removal

In other words, it can also be defined as a selection around an image that separates the opaque/focused area of the image from the transparent part of the image, which in most cases is the background of that raw image. 

It helps in making subject selections, to have a neat and gorgeous cut out subject from the background or commonly referred to as background removal. This activity requires creativity of the highest degree, so as to avoid doing a messy work.

Clipping path/deep etch has many roles to play photo editing and manipulation in most picture editing and graphics design software, a good example being Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Image Magic just to mention but a few. 

However, In the modern day technology where everything is seeking to be automated, there are already some software and online services made to automatically make clipping paths around objects without human involvement. These software have inbuilt algorithms for this purpose so as to help the users perform the task easily. 

As this may sound interesting, this method has a major setback that has not been solved to date; the clipping paths made by these programs are not exact and complete as required. It is also a challenge for complex objects and in addition, these programs cannot perfectly handle multiple clipping paths in the same image.

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The clipping path service is offered by many software available, free or commercial. They include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Windows Paint Tool, Image Magic, ACDSee, Sumo Paint, etc.
The procedure of carrying of making a clipping path largely depends on the software choice, and also the preferred methodology as some software already have an algorithm to use for this purpose, but has in most cases proved to be ineffective and inconvenient which calls for manual services by experts. 

But whichever the approach taken, the anticipated output of the clipping path exercise is a well, unobstructed subject, free of its previous background or unwanted parts.

However, the output of the manual clipping path service is also determined by expertise level of the personnel/designer/photo editor associated with the task. 

Poorly performed tasks in this category produce an output image characterized by halos around the edges of the cut out subject or fringes, which are, basically, the areas around the edges of the subject conflicting with the unwanted parts of the image. To produce fine subjects from clipping paths, a very high experience and expertise level is a mandatory.

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This service has a very wide range of uses individually and commercially, which makes it very basic in Art, photo editing and graphics design. Due to this fact, the clipping path services have become among the most sought after services on online and other platforms. 

The clipping path can then be used to complete various major design and editorial procedures on the image/photo. Here are some of the applications of the clipping path service in general in photo editing and graphics design.

Photoshop background-removal

1. Photo restoration: 

This is trying to retrieve the lost details of an image due to wreckage or aging of the photo, to bring back the original appeal. These images are the ones that have been affected by poor physical handling and others due to aging.

2. Image color Correction service:

This is the process of color balancing in photos, to produce real or desired colors in desired parts of the image.

3. Neck Joint Service

This involves various photo manipulation procedures to produce the intended output. Neck joint services are most common for outfit sales promotion. Neck joint services is the process of editing photos of outfit products to give them a virtual 3D appeal without the help of human models or artificial mannequins.

Those are some of the photon editing procedures that largely depend of clipping path/clipping path services.


As clearly indicated above, these services are indispensable. Stunning clipping paths can only be achieved by professionals, with proper understanding of the relevant technique. 

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