How Jewelry Photo Retouching Can Boost Your Business?

jewelry photo retouchingAre you a jewelry business owner and want to start your business on the online platform? Or want to start a new one? Selling jewelry online or offline whatever the intentions are, capturing the best jewelry photo is always compulsory. Jewelry products are shiny and attract dust a lot. So getting the perfect shots out of the camera is an impossible task. That’s why you need to consider jewelry photo editing.

Jewelry photo retouching service is specially designed only for jewelry products. As jewelry products are shiny and reflective, they attract all kinds of distraction they can. Only professional Photoshop experts can edit with their years of experience and produce perfect jewelry product images.

What Is Photo Retouching?

Before going into deep, I would like to talk about a little bit about photo retouching. Photo retouching is an image editing technique that is done by the only highly professional image editors using photo editing software like adobe Photoshop. Why do you need photo retouching? Or when do you need this?jewelry image editing

Retouching helps images to be more attractive by removing unwanted background, object, distractions like spots, dust, wrinkles, etc. professional photographers always try to make their every shot as perfect as possible. But no matter how well you control your photography studio setup from the photography lighting to the camera settings for product photography, perfection is very difficult to achieve in the raw capture.

Especially when we are talking about a jewelry product, it is impossible because of the behavior of the elements that we use to make ornaments. Now let’s talk about what is jewelry photo retouching in detail.

What Is Jewelry Photo Retouching?

As we already know what is photo retouching now let’s comes to the main topic of today’s article that is jewelry photo editing. Jewelry elements are shiny in nature and because of that they attract huge amounts of distractions like dust or spots.

Jewelry products are not only attracted to dust but also reflects lights and shadows a lot. With these and combining a few other reasons jewelry retouching is becoming a vital image editing service among jewelry business owners and photography

Why It Is So Important For Your Business?

Not only the reasons I have mentioned above but also you can’t capture jewelry products without using any props to hold them as you want. You can use models but only models are not enough always to showcase jewelry products. If you want to upload your jewelry images to your online store then only model photos can’t present the full feature and the beauty of your product. Models can only showcase how the product will look when consumers wear it.

On the other hand, the online platform that you are using as your eCommerce store, they also have some product image requirements and guidelines that you need to maintain as well. Most of the famous online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Etsy, everyone has their own image requirements.

One of the common image guidelines is that you need to upload multiple images of your products from multiple angles so that consumers can have a good look before they purchase the product. So if you do not follow the product image policy of these platforms you won’t be able to do business using their photo editing service

These guidelines are not only for doing business with famous online platforms, but these are also for the retailer’s own good. These eCommerce platforms made these guidelines such a way that can help your product photo to stand out among others and the consumer can have pleasant viewing experience also.

So jewelry photo retouching is a must-do post-processing process for every jewelry business owner.

How To Find The Best Jewelry Retouching Company?

Well till now I have talked about what is jewelry retouching? Why it is important? But where you can find the best jewelry photo retoucher? If you want the best result for your jewelry images then you have to search hard to find a professional photo retoucher.

You can hire or set up an in-house post-processing team for jewelry retouching but these will be costly and because of that your product will be costly too. Jewelry products are already expensive because of the material and the efforts it needs to produce a masterpiece. If your post-processing is also got costly then the price of your products will give you and your consumer headache.

To prevent your product to become you and your consumer’s headache, you have to think of something and try to reduce production cost whenever you can. You cannot and should not compromise in the material and research that you put behind a product. You can compromise or I should say do some smart thinking about the post-processing cost though. In spite of hiring your own personal retoucher, you can outsource your jewelry images to Clipping Path Place.

We have developed a dedicated jewelry retouching team with product photo editing expertise. Our experts not only retouch your jewelry images and make them gorgeous they can also provide photo editing following the image requirements of online platforms. We have the smartest, an organized and experienced workflow that allows us to achieve groundbreaking results for images that we work. With the three-step quality control management system and 24/7 customer support we become the one-stop solution for all image editing services.


I hope I am successful to give you some idea of why jewelry retouching is compulsory for your business and where you can find the best editing in this article.

You will find tons of clipping path companies in the market to claim to be the best like us and because of that we don’t expect you to believe in our promises. We invite you to test our capabilities and quality by giving us a free trial with your image whenever you want. After you satisfy with our free trial work then you can choose us to give your jewelry photo retouching projects.

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