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Image masking is widely used in photo editing and graphics design fields for various functions. Image masking or simply masking is the process of selectively hiding and revealing parts of an image, just like a face mask in real life hides parts of the face or the entire of it. We can also describe Image masking or masking as the process of setting some pixels of the given image to zero (0) or any other value for the background. To break this down further, anything set to zero in this computer generation means it is not in use, so this means that the parts of the pixels set to zero won’t be visible, or they can as well be replaced by a value of choice.

Image masking works to hide or conceal sections of the image. Masking does not interfere with the quality or size of the image and also allows for further later changes to the masks, so it is classified as a non-destructive photo editing technique. Masks make it easier for other operations to be carried out on the photo, on the desired pixels only. Image masks are made by professionals using special software such Adobe Photoshop to offer image masking services.

Image masking is just a generalization of the whole concept, but image masking can be classified according to the end result achieved, or the methodology followed to obtain the masks. The following are the most common types of image masking:

The following are the most common types of image masking:

Photoshop hair masking


This type of image masking allows for specific pixels to be hid or revealed selectively. The opacity of these portions can be changed to affect the whole image. The visibility of layers can also be changed with the layer masks to visible or partially visible.


Clipping masks or cut out masks have multiple layers. A single layer determines the visibility of other layers.
If we want to control the transparency of a clipping mask, we place another layer beneath it so as to combine the two layers, and display each part of the desired layer.


This method is applied for complex masking for instance objects containing hair or fur where the above options will be tedious to use and time consuming.  In this type of masking, it requires the object and background to have contrasting colors. Different channel palates are used to determine the most convenient channel with a remarkable difference of the object and background colors to work with.

Photoshop hair masking

Masks involving images

When images are used as layer masks, such that specific pixel values are set to zero, which means that these pixel sets are hidden.

Masks involving Regions of interest (ROI)

When regions of interest are used as masks, the regions of interest of each piece define the mask.


Imaging masking helps to set the base for several tasks on the image. Image masking is favorable because it is non-destructive. This means that masking does not lead to lose of quality of the original image. It also allows us to make alterations to the masks later if need be.

Some of the uses of layer masks/image masking are as follows

  1. Masking is used to hide or reveal specific pixels of an image
  2. Masking allows for alterations to be made to specific parts of the image


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Mete description

Image masking is a photo manipulation procedure used to selectively conceal or hide parts of a photo or image. Image masking prepares an image for further editing such as background removal. Image masking services include channel masking and alpha masking. Welcome to Clipping Path Place for eminent image masking services.