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Photoshop shadow effect: Natural & Reflection shadow creation

Image shadow making is a photo editing technique that is practiced by photo editors and graphic designers to give object a realistic look in photo editing software such Adobe Photoshop. The image shadow making process requires creativity to avoid exaggerated effects or messy outputs.

This is the process of adding an element visual effect that is solid, around the subject or object of interest so as to look like it is a shadow cast of the object. The illusion of the visual effect created can differ and varies depending on how the photo editor or graphic designer wants it to look like.

Image shadow services are meant to transform 2-dimensional (2D) images to 3-dimensional (3D) depth images. The 3D appeal is affected by image shadow making in that the objects are made to float, and cast their shadows on a surface, which looks like a 3D space. 

Apart from the 3D appeal, this service also improves the elegancy of the images, making the stunning and standing out. The images then can retouched to make them even more beautiful after the image shadow making is done. Some of the image retouch activities that can be added to an image after the image shadows are created include; color correction services: improving the appearance of the image by making sure the colors blend well with the environment, so as to look more natural and beautiful, background removal services

Cutting out the background of images to leave the subject outstanding for easy editing and manipulation, clipping path services: making a selection around the subject in the photo so that it persists when the rest of the parts of the image are removed, image layer masking services and much more.

There are different sub categories of image shadow making services, which are basically the various types of image shadows that can be added to an object in question. Let us have a look at some of these available services.


This category of image shadow making is mainly used to make shows of texts and solid objects. It is also called curved shadow is the image shadow making technique that creates a solid visual effect around the object so as to look like its shadow. The drop shadow makes the object to look as if floating above its background where the shadow is created and cast. The created shadow effect shape, size, color, spread and luminosity can be altered accordingly so that to make real and a bit natural.

glasses shadow creation



The reflection shadow is part of the image shadow making. It gives an impression of a mirror effect; the object seems to have been shot on glass mirror surface, with its shadow projecting outwards. The mirror effect does not show a complete shadow in most case, but a small mock up of the same so as to avoid covering a lot of space and giving room for realistic criticism. The mirror effect makes images stunning and professional. The reflection shadow also gives the image a realist look, as they seem to be tangible and popping drop shadow making


The cast image part of the image shadow making is focused at making images while the image in question is not moved from its original background in way. For this, the object does not seem to float on its background but lies on it rather. This, like the other image shadows, gives the object a 3D virtual visual appeal.



The natural shadow is a more realist shadow. During the natural image shadow making process, the focus is to make the shadow look like it is real. The parameters of the shadow are very much considered, the virtual lighting angle and the direction of the created shadow are also very important. 

The shadow usually is fully sized like the object, but the size is dynamic. The natural shadow requires more concentration and skill, or else things will look messy and unreal.

how to shoe Photoshop shadow making

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