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Best Jewelry Photo editing and Retouching Services

Jewelry is among the most precious items in the world. Jewelry is used as decoration, but may have other more important functions like marking occasions, a good example being the rings used on wedding ceremonies.

Jewelry photo editing is therefore the photo editing activity that helps to bring out the incredible shinning look and beauty in the jewelry images. It is common in image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Photo editing is fundamental in different ways both commercially and individually. Jewelry photo editing has become common due to a growing online market base. There are several jewelry designers and jewelry photographers that need these services.

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Photo editing services are activities carried out to make photos more beautiful, clearer, elegant and more realistic. Photo editing services require very much know how on this subject. Jewelry photo editing services involves making changes to raw photos of jewelry to make them more attractive and reveal the finer details of the jewelry that may have been missed during the shooting process.
Jewelry Photo editing includes many photo manipulation activities which must be skillfully carried out to make sure the final image looks gorgeous. 

This, just like other photo editing activities, has different categories depending on the goal of photo editing or the complexity nature of the photo to be edited, and also greatly depends on need of the editing process which may be personal or commercial.

The following are some of the jewelry photo editing categories:

Tiffany style jewelry photo editing

This is the most difficulty category of jewelry photo editing. Tiffany style of editing ensures that most if not all the details of the photo are kept intact but the jewelry is made to look different in color from other photos of the same jewelry, or we can say the hues are changed to have a different look of the item in question.

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Basic jewelry photo editing

This jewelry photo editing is simple and includes only simple jewelry items with straight forward backgrounds. It is easy to cut out the backgrounds, swap them and make the items more appealing and attractive.Examples of jewelry items here are rings, bracelets and earrings.
Jewelry photo editing may sometimes comprise of all the photo editing categories in a single photo, from basic to tiffany jewelry photo editing. Whenever photo retouching services are applied on jewelry, it is transformed and looks glamorous, glaring and shiny. If this is process is for commercial purposes, the aim is to boost the sales and market coverage.

Some of the photo editing and photo retouch activities carried out during jewelry photo editing service include:

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Complex jewelry photo editing

This category of editing, as the name suggests, is very difficult and a bit complex to carry out. Complex jewelry photo editing involves the detailed photo editing, like restoration of original quality of jewelry in poorly taken pictures, removal of scratches from jewelry and complex background cut out service to make sure the intended item look perfect, with no unwanted interference. An example of jewelry targeted h includes necklaces.

  • Photo color correction services
  • Clipping path services (basic and advanced clipping path services)
  • Background cut out services or background removal
  • Photo color enhancement services
  • Additional shinning effect services
  • Defects deletion services
  • Scratch, dents, spots and zit removal services
  • Shadow creation and shadow removal services
  • Metal smoothing service
  • Photo details enhancement services
  • Image dust removal services
  • Jewelry ring mounts redraw services
  • Image resizing services
  • Jewelry gaps filling and gaps repair services

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