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Why Neck Joint Service? Ghost Image Manipulation

Neck joint is also known as the Invisible mannequin or the Ghost mannequin. The neck joint involves various photo editing techniques to get the final output. The neck joint is mainly used in fashion and clothing industry to display various outfits for sale on online stores and promotional platforms.

The neck joint is also called photo manipulation, which means, making alterations to photos by different procedures to obtain a given specified result. Neck joint services are used to produce the ghost mannequin effect. The ghost mannequins are cost effect way of promoting products on online platforms. 

Generally, neck joint is used to create ghost mannequins, which is the ghost mannequin effect. The ghost mannequin effect is use to give virtual 3D effect to outfits such as jackets, sweaters, pullovers, overcoats and many more so that they look like they are being won.



Neck joint services have been proven to influence clients’ decision making to purchases on given products. Due to this, neck joint services have become most sought after by sellers and product promoters. 

However, unless neck joint services are done my professionals with a proper understanding of the process and photo editing in general, the outcome of neck joint services can be very messy and poor. 

This can be seen with an example of some parts of the outfit missing, or the parts of the outfits containing additional unwanted influence from the background.


The invisible mannequin or also called the ghost mannequin is as a result of neck joint services. This involves also invisible/ghost mannequin photography. Ghost mannequin photography is the process of capturing photos on mannequins or won by models, to be used for marketing. Ghost mannequin photography requires special preparations and skills.

Some of the steps taken for successful invisible mannequin photography include:

Photoshop ghost-mannequin-effect

  1. Choosing the right background for the shoot, usually a white plain background is mostly preferred so as to reduce the hassle in the neck joint and ghost mannequin services
  2. Choosing the right model for the ghost mannequin shoot so to bring the outfits in the correct required sizes in the neck joint services
  3. Choosing the right lighting for the ghost mannequin shooting environment
  4. Getting the right Ghost mannequin photographer, usually some experience is required
  5. Avoiding dodgy angles during the Ghost mannequin photography process

These are some of the common preparations for invisible mannequin photography to avoid mistakes made that leads to a shoddy work.


As we have seen, ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin services are very important in product promotion, online sales and e-commerce. At Clipping Path Place, we have specialized in giving high quality ghost mannequin services. 

We have professionals at Clipping Path Place who will ensure your clothes mannequin needs are sorted. We do not just offer ghost mannequin or invisible and neck joint services, but we focus and quality and clients’ satisfaction. 

Here are some of the ghost mannequin services that we offer at Clipping Path Place. These are just a few examples, we offer much more ghost mannequin services, and you can make your inquiries now.


  • Lower side/bottom joint ghost mannequin
  • Sleeves and Collar on mannequins
  • Neck joint services for ghost mannequins/invisible mannequins
  • All round pack shot or 3D pack shot invisible mannequin effects

At the Clipping Path Place we have mastered Creation of ghost mannequins/invisible mannequins on the given outfits. We professionally produce the required neck joint services, those that best fit the given outfit and the environment. Some of the important procedures followed in creation of superb ghost mannequins are as follows
1. Clipping path service
2. Mannequin removal from image
3. Addition of neck join
4. Addition of shadow effect to the neck area
5. Final enhancement of the image to make it more appealing

At Clipping Path Place we take our invisible mannequin services seriously and we have been leading the photo editing market with stunning services, leaving our clients happy. Quality is assured at Clipping Path Place and extra fast delivery.