color correction service

Why do you need a color correction?

Photo color correction in photo editing is a very crucial step or photo manipulation procedure. Photography needs are growing every single day, and people usually need stunning results whenever they hire a photographer for and event or occasion photography such wedding ceremony photography, graduation ceremony photography, engagement events photography, retirement ceremony or retirement farewell party photography, personal photography, product photography, funeral service photography and many more. 

However during the photo shooting process, the outcome may not result into the perfect photos required. This is due to defects and improper lighting conditions. This calls for color correction of the raw photos before being submitted to the clients.

Photo color correction is the process of photo editing raw images to that requires determining the complimentary colors in an image, so as to use them to remove excesses of other colors in the image. In other words, color correction is photo manipulation where the colors appearing in the photo are balanced such that no color seems to be too much in the photo, and the colors look as close to natural as possible. 

Color correction ensures the image looks even, with the colors matching the environment for example landscape environment, portrait photos and even general photos.Color correction also involves photo editing and photo manipulation activities like white balance, adjusting the image shadows, adjusting tones and much more.


Color correction service is the process of editing photos to get the best color grading and color balance. This service is mainly done by professional photo editors and graphic designers. It is done using photo editing and graphics design software a good example is Adobe Photoshop

Color correction is important in picture looks optimization and making the images more realistic, removing color clipping and ensures the blending in photos is perfect.
Color correction services activities are much more, rather than a single simple procedure. In photo editing, some of the color correction procedures mainly applied to perfect the color blending in photos are.

Image color change-correction

Contrast adjustment

Contrast is just increasing or decreasing the intensity of all or just specific color pixels in a photo. Increasing contrast darkens the color depth in the photo while decreasing contrast lightens the color pixels in the photo. Contrast adjustment is not selective; it just affects all the pixels in the image equally.
Adjusting contrast in helps to set out the details in photo clearly

Exposure adjustment

Exposure is the amount of lighting in an image. Exposure is adding or reducing the visibility of the pixels of objects in the photo. Exposure basically can be viewed as lighting up fully, dimming or making a photo totally dull.
Color correction requires the right of amount of exposure; otherwise the photo will look messy.

Saturation adjustment

Saturation is the amount of concentration of colors in a photo. In color correction, colors can be saturated or saturation reduced just to get the perfect blending of the colors.
Saturation also includes hue adjustment, saturation itself and luminosity adjustment. One ought to be careful when dealing with the saturation adjustment, since the effects are very conspicuous.

Image color change-correction


Vibrancy in color correction is just adjusting the colors in the photos such that the colors with less saturation are more considered than the more saturated colors. This type of color correction is different from the normal saturation adjustment in a way that vibrancy is choosy and does not reduce or increase the intensity of colors generally.

Image color change-correction

Clarity and sharpness

Clarity is reducing or increasing the amount of detail that is visible to the viewer. Sharpness is on the other hand is increasing or reducing the size of pixels in the photo.
Highlights, shadows, whites and blacks
These are activities are major in color correction.
Highlights are brighter pixels of the photo
Shadows are the pixels with little or no exposure
Whites are the pixels that are saturated with the white color only
Blacks are pixels that are saturated with black color.
During color correction, all the parameters should be well balanced to get the best outcome.


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