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What Can Image Retouching Do For You?

Photo Retouching, or image retouching, is the process of making small changes to an image file/photo to enhance its original look , recover lost details or remove unwanted excesses captured during the photo shooting process. 

Photo retouching is meant to improve the appearance of the photo/image to achieve ultimate beauty and glamour. Photo retouching emphasizes on corrections, rather than alterations of the original file.

Photo retouching’s ultimate goal to obtain a finer, better and cleaner photo compared to the original photo/image. Photo retouching to some extent has been considered as things doable before or during the shoot, like choosing the right lighting, removing distractions, preventing technical flaws and much more. 

However, even if photographers took all the necessary precautions and made all the required preparations, there could be still some details that cannot be revealed or concealed that easily; and that is where photo retouching comes into play. These are the deeper details and minor changes that cannot be achieved by the photographer in the field. 

Take for instance, we have a model in the right environment, it would be very difficult to soften the skin of the model during the shoot, or balance the colors naturally for a perfect photo. This adjustments call for image retouching or photo retouching.

There exists a tiny line between photo manipulation or image manipulation and photo retouching or image retouching. Let’s just have a basic difference between the two: Photo retouching is the process of making small alterations to the photo to get a more appealing result, while as photo manipulation or photo editing is the process of artistically hiding or revealing the visible or invisible parts of the photo to give a new impression to the original photo.

Some examples of photo retouching activities include teeth whitening, image sharpening and hue adjustments. On the other hand, photo manipulation activities include image cropping, image resizing and image restoration. Those are some of the basic differences that exist between photo retouching and photo manipulation.Photoshop Image retouching services


Some activities carried out to give a photo a finer final look which makes up the photo retouching service procedure. Photo retouching can be done by specialists using different photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. These activities produce better results compared to the raw images and hence require some bit of creativity in order to stand out.


This is more like the normal photo retouching, but requires a bit more keenness and craft. Here the photo retouching should be smooth and a little mess could result in adverse effects. This is majorly because as we move on, uniqueness, perfection and accuracy are required to beat competition and win the hearts of clients through exemplary work. 

Some professional photo retouch services include:


Model retouching is the process of refining the looks of a shot model to enhance the way they look. Photo retouching plays a major role to ensure the models look stunning and beautiful, to improve on the general appeal to the target audience. Model retouching is a bit more sensitive, as the adjustments needs not be exaggerated. 

Photo retouching activities involved in model retouching include; light correction, tone adjustments, skin softening, spot removal, teeth whitening, red eye correction and enhancement, temperature balance, contrast adjustments and much more. The images of models can also include extreme make-over; the faces may be swapped and the image edited to contain elements originally absent in the original photo such as beards hairs.

Photoshop Image retouching services


Photo retouching is on different products to enhance their look so as to increase the appeal to potential customer. Product photography is gaining popularity, which entails taking pictures of products for promotional services. However, sometimes the raw pictures do not look good enough, so they are retouched a little to improve on their sales. Contrast, hue, saturation, luminescence and sharpening are among the key changes that effected on product retouching.

However, there are also some other complex photo manipulation activities involved in product retouch. Sometimes product retouch relates a lot to web shop image editing services as both of them are meant to increase the persuasiveness of the products to the potential buyers on online platforms. In this category, other services such as image shadow making, clipping path, neck joint and image masking are also included.


Jewelry retouching is retouching photos of jewelry to get clear and cleaner photos. This is meant to enhance the beauty the Jewelry to boost sales. Customers will tend to buy nice looking jewelry, so retouching is a great idea to restore the glare in the decorations.


In photo retouching, dust retouching is the removing of dust spots and annoying scratches from a photo. These are unwanted elements, so getting rid of them makes the picture remain more relevant and attractive.


Glamour retouching is a photo editing technique that seeks to add attractiveness or somebody or something. Here, exaggerations are allowed as these images are meant to be fantastical. For example, adding field or Gaussian blur to the face of a model alters the initial looks, making them exceedingly beautiful and smooth. This picture are then mostly used to make newsletters, book covers or Magazines and newspapers

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