How do I vectorize an image?

Vector Image conversion or simply conversion of images to vector form is a very crucial category in photo editing and graphics design. Vector conversion involves the process of converting Raster images, which are colorized pixels and resolution dependent images to Vector images, which are curves/paths mathematically that are resolution independent. 

That is just a basic description of what a Raster image and Vector image are. Vector images do not contain the color details, pixel specific details and are not limited to a specific size.

A photo editor or graphic designer encounters this daily in their working. Vector conversion service/raster to vector conversion is commonly done in most photo editing and design software for example Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Raster to Vector conversion requires a great skill set and a vast knowledge in the art or else things will go wrong.

Raster to Vector conversion service is a very wide field and has several constitutes. 

The following are examples of R2V services

  •  Image conversion to Vector form. The images in Vector form can be of any format; JPEG/JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF/TIF and many more
  • Drawing of Vector lines; this involves making sketches of things and objects without paying attention to size and color details.
  • Logo Vectorization and creation service; creation of logos that can presume any size
  • Vector map creation and drawing
  • Creation of Vector Product drawings; creating sketches of original products to show only the exterior outlook of the objects without much detail.
  • Designing Vector Floor plans; this are floor plans that only show the general perspective.
  • Vector Art creations and drawing


Raster to vector 

As already stated, a Raster image contains a colorized pixel set. Raster images are characterized by description by a given resolution size. This makes Raster images resolution dependent. In this case, scaling up Raster images to a bigger size leads to decolorization of the pixels, giving very poor quality images. On the extreme end, Raster images become jagged at the edges and blurred or pixelated in general. Contrary to Raster images, Vector illustrations are curves, free from color and resolution independent. Vector images are usually not made up of pixels, but paths.

Paths in vector images have a starting point, and the end point. Within the start and end points are other points, curves and different angles. The paths are made up of curvy lines, triangles or squares and lines. These paths forming vector images are used in simple and complex drawings and illustrations. Since vector images are pixels independent, they can be scaled up to any size without losing the original quality and shape. They are used to provide better control of images during graphics design; logo creation, Art works, printing and many more. In this way, manual Raster to Vector conversion services come in handy, as many programs with R2V conversion algorithms are not effective enough. They cannot work with complex images, and the output is generally messed up in most cases.


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