Vehicles image editing service | Car background replacement

Automobile selling is a flourishing business niche currently in the market. Automobile business is mainly carried online; or rather most of the automobile business promotion is done online. 

This calls for the relevant professional product photography, which in this case refers to the automobiles/cars/vehicles. This is a very sensitive business, which requires a lot of capital to start and run. 

This is why the business is mostly run by the manufacturers themselves, or big established companies with the required financial capabilities. For this reason, the product promotion has to be among the key factors in the business plan which is mostly carried out on online platforms and that is how vehicle image editing service applies.

Vehicle image editing service involves professional manipulation of images of cars/vehicles to make them more appealing and stunning. Automobile image retouch focuses on producing clearer, elegant images of the automobiles involved. Car image manipulation is done in order to increase the percentage of sales both domestically and internationally.

Vehicle image manipulation is an online automobile marketing strategy since many relevant sales are done on the online platform nowadays. Raw images are not ideal because they do not vividly reveal the qualitative aspects and features of vehicles. The online market is getting more competitive and so nothing should be left for chance. 

This is why automobile image editing services are extremely important to make sure your automobile business remains on track, and also boost sales by a notable margin.



Vehicle image editing is a very detailed service that requires in-depth knowledge in image editing and manipulation for perfect results. Car photo retouching is vital to give the car images a refined look. 

Photo editing of the automobile promotes e-commerce in the automobile industry business. Photoshop editing of automobile images is becoming common, and the vehicle image retouching services becoming more competitive. 

Car image retouching is a composition of several photo editing processes so as to suit the required perfect outcome.

Some of the procedures in automobile image manipulation include:

car Photoshop reflection

Car photo clipping path service; making selection around the vehicle in the image

  • Car image background removal service or background cut out service; cut out background of the vehicle in the image
  • Car image color correction services; making priority color adjustments to the vehicle images so as to bring out all the required details of the vehicle clearly
  • Car image scratch removal services; sometimes the vehicle in question might have a few flaws, which require attention during the editing process so as to hide them
  • Car image color enhancement services; the image are edited to look more attractive and eye-catching
  • Car image text addition services; the discretionary text may require to be added in the images, to either let the potential buyers know much about the vehicle or where to get additional information on the cited product
  • Car image special effects addition services; adding abstract features to the images
  • Car image drop shadow/car image reflection shadow addition service; adding relevant shadows to the images to give them a 3D appeal
  • Car image background change services
  • Car image HRD effect services
  • Car image recoloring service
  • Car shadow and contrast correction services
  • Objects and unwanted elements removal or edit out
  • Adding people or other objects to the car images; including virtual objects and simulations to the image such as people and speed to the vehicles
  • Adding and removing of watermarks from the car images

These are some of the some of the car photo editing to make the images attractive and get the automobiles eye catching to give the sales a jerk.

car Photoshop reflection


At Clipping Path Place we give exceptional car photo retouch or automobile image retouch services. We have qualified photo editing and image retouch specialists, who have been rendering sublime photo editing services. 

Clipping Path Place will give a final touch to all vehicle images and give them a glamorous look.
Other oversight car photo image editing services at Clipping Path Place include;

Relevant case study client

For a very long time now, Clipping Path Place has been collaborating with different small scale and large scale automobile selling agencies globally and we have been able to transform their raw ordinary car photos to high end retouched extraordinary looking photos. We work on both images of second hand cars and brand new cars to give them a magnificent final look for promotion and sales enhancement.

Automotive Image Editing

Critical Aspects

  • Worked with over 100 Automobile selling agencies globally
  • Sales boosted by over 30% for each individual agency.
  • Huge number of service seekers weekly up to approximately 800,000 new clients.
  • Over 80% sale rate success as reported by our clients.

Client Requirements

  • Clipping Path Place has is needed to edit at least 2000000 raw automobile images monthly
  • The clients require a very short turnaround time
  • Clipping Path Place edits the car images accordingly
  • Treat client requests with urgency

Problems encountered

  • The large client base requires more attention and short delivery time without compromising on quality
  • The short turnaround time calls for photo editing professionals to burn the mid night oil to make timely delivery

Solutions to the challenges faced

  • Increasing the number of photos edited weekly
  • A calculated approach to cater for client requests was made

Results obtained from our efforts

Clipping Path Place has received positive feedback and reviews from both our returning customers and new clients for a job well done. We have done complex car photo editing services within short periods and achieved great results.
Welcome to Clipping Path Place and book your order now!