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Web Image Optimization

How to Optimize Images for your Web

Photo editing has become common in recent days, covering different niches. An example of this is the online platform or mostly referred to as the web. The web is very broad, and cannot be fully exploited. The online platform has been growing very fast, geared by advancement in technology and inventions.

Image editing or photo editing is the process of making creative alterations to images or photos to achieve a given goal. Image editing can be used to make creative photo composites, increase the beauty of the images, remove parts of the image, and much more. Image editing is also called image manipulation or photo manipulation. Image editing requires good background knowledge in the subject and related skills in the intended photo editing category. Most photo editing procedures are more detailed and a little complex to carry out.

Web shop image editing now is the process of making changes to photos using various photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop in order to suite an online need or purpose. Web shop image editing usually entails manipulation of images to be able to increase appeal to online viewers who may be customers, learners or just for fun and entertainment. Web shop image editing is not limited to any specific photo editing activities. 

Depending on the nature of the image and the intended usage, there could be only one editing activity involved and the image is all set, or multiple editing procedures may need to be carried out on a single image to produce the required output. Here, the creativity of the editor or designer is the determinant in most cases since there are no global set guidelines.

Web shop image editing is specific to the need it is meant to address and the impression it is meant to create. Examples of web shop image editing categories include;
Art, culture, sports, e-commerce, entertainment, health, fitness, business, finance, agriculture, education, online promotional services, weather, blogs advertisement and many more areas where web shop image editing can apply. It is very important to note that web shop image editing is strictly meant for online posts rather than offline use. Web shop image editing tries to beat competition and also provide eye catching images to viewers for different goals.


Basically, we can look at web shop image editing as just the normal image editing or image manipulation only that web shop image editing is only limited for online use. With this understanding, web shop editing differs from normal image editing only on the platform the final images are used on or posted.

Web shop image editing services are activities that lead to production of web images, which are images posted on online platforms mainly social media. The aim of posting these images ranges from sales, education, passing information, advertisement, entertainment, fun and leisure and to even malicious purposes.
Web shop image editing services are offered by professionals in image editing and photo manipulation and the service has no standards as the creations are made as per the needs of the clients and web shop image editing services are highly customizable.WEB SHOP IMAGE EDITING SERVICES


This is a particular category of web shop image editing. E-commerce image editing is an image manipulation procedure meant to make images of products usable and promote sales on online stores and market places. These services are geared at attracting more customers to increase the sales of the products on display. They include drop show adding services, color enhancement services and text addition services.
E-commerce editing services are customizable to exactly fit the intended niche. E-commerce image editing is meant to enhance the beauty of products such as shoes and clothes in order to increase sales of these products.

cloth editing service


Web shop image editing services are increasing in demand due to increased number of online users and most business opportunities opening up online due to this. Clipping Path Place is an online platform that offers high quality customized web shop image editing services. We offer web shop image editing services at cheap rates. 

Clipping Path Place web shop image editing services include:

  1. Image masking services; this involves the process of making out a specific area of the photo that assimilated the changes made to the photo, while the other unmasked services remain immune to these changes. However, the reverse is also true.
  2. High end photo retouching services; this are advanced photo editing services that can completely transform the original photo to a more elegant image, either creative, basic or complex depending on the intended output guidelines
  3. Clipping path services; making precise selections around an object, mostly the subject so as to enable further manipulation of the image
  4. Color correction services; involves balancing the colors in the image, either saturating or desaturation of the colors to produce more stunning images
  5. Neck joint services; these are different photo editorial procedures that make images more appealing, mostly outfits and apparel
  6. Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin services; editing of outfit images to give them a realistic appeal
  7. Background changing; swapping the backgrounds of different images to come up with an hybrid photo to cover the desired niche
  8. Background removal services and several other photo editing and photo manipulation services

At Clipping Path Place we emphasis on the quality of the work we offer, and adhere strictly to the needs and specifications of our clients. We have been offering web shop image editing services for a very long time, and we have had a very good working experience with all our customers. Welcome to Clipping Path Place and get top notch services at very friendly rates.